UI/UX Design



Folder Creation Flow

This exercise explores how the folder creation flow on Dropbox could potentially be optimized within the Desktop experience. The two opportunities I identified were; to address the shared footprint of the organization/functional menus, and to reduce the distance traveled from the organization menu to the folder editing controls.


Existing Flow



1. The Folder menu is placed
at the extreme opposite of the folder inputs. These should be in closer proximity, given their related functionality.

2. The user must deselect the newly created folder in order to another subsequent folder. This creates an additional step, and restricts visibility to one set of controls at a time.



Redesigned Flow

The proposed solution is to create a horizontal menu bar for the Organizational items. 


Redesign Benefits:

1. Clearer Hierarchy, and progressive disclosure of functionality.

2. Distance is greatly reduced between organization menu and folder inputs, reducing time and dicision making in creating multiple folders.

3. Functional menu no longer shares space with organizational menu for better clarity and consistency.


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